Buying Your First Electric Bike?  Here are Five Things to Consider:

1. Safety is vitally important.  Most e-bikes will easily attain 20 MPH.  Don’t kid yourself. That’s fast on a bicycle and you’re not 12 anymore.  Purchase a quality bike that is assembled and fitted for you by an expert.

2. Who makes the bike?  How long has the company been around? How many servicing dealers do they have? Are parts readily available? We take calls every week from people looking for parts or repairs for e-bikes from companies we have never even heard of.

3. What kind of motor is used?  Rule out anything not using a mid-drive motor made by Bosch of Germany or Shimano of Japan.  Don’t settle for a hub-drive or off-brand motor.

4. Where do I go for service?  If the answer is not “where I purchased it” you will want to reconsider.

5. Where you buy is even more important than what you buy.